Call for “lost” / censored footage as viable film materials

We’ll post at length next week (we’re busy with the final week of our little film festival presented by the flicker club at the VAULT festival) but here’s a list of “lost” scenes that we’d love to restore if we are able to source materials. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of such, please email us.

1. An extended “knife in neck/snake bite” scene from THE REPTILE (this is thought to exist, but no known evidence).

2. The “eyeball” scene from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (this footage definitely exists somewhere).

3. The “head in acid bath” scene from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (this scene may not have been filmed, though stills exist).

4. The “under-dressed maidens” in the flashback procession from THE MUMMY (this scene may not have been filmed, though stills exist).

5. The “tongue-cutting” and/or the “tongue wriggling” from THE MUMMY (these are thought to exist, but no known evidence).

6. An extended “glass-in-throat” from FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL (apparently exists on a Dutch laser disc).

7. An extended “body falling into grave” from FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL (apparently exists on a Dutch laser disc).

8. An extended fight scene from RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK (definitely filmed, but no known surviving materials).

9. An extended more explicit version of THE VIKING QUEEN (some evidence, but nothing definite).

Please also email us if there’s anything not on the list above from any of the Phase 2 Hammer restoration titles (list below).

List of Phase 2 titles:

CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER (no missing footage known)
THE DEVIL RIDES OUT (no missing footage known)
THE MUMMY’S SHROUD (no missing footage known)
THE VENGEANCE OF SHE (no missing footage known)
SLAVE GIRLS (no missing footage known)
THE WITCHES (no missing footage known)

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    • Following up, I think the major problem with Vampire Circus is one of ptlntiog. The villagers seem eager to jump on the circus when nothing is going on, and when children start disappearing, at least some of the villagers seem eager to defend the circus. There’s a bit of marking time before the climax.

  2. RE: Curse of Frankenstein. Contemporary cast lists from the film include a set of characters/actors that do not appear in the film, one of whom was Patrick Troughton, implying a missing scene or sequence.
    RE: Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. The last time I viewed this film I felt that the final scenes where the lunatics rip the monster to pieces looked very truncated – could shots have been removed?
    Have you approached the BBC or ITV for prints/Beta SPs they may still have from past television screenings?

  3. For Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell: the scene where the Baron holds an artery with his teeth. I believe this was included in a German restoration.

  4. I have DEFINATELY seen the part in Curse of Frankenstein where Cushing leaves the room, leaving Paul alone, goes over to the vault/acid bath, totally unwraps the towel covering the head and places the head in the vat. All the other versions have Paul making that exact same face of disgust.
    When I saw this it was off an american Warner Home Video VHS rental around 1988 give or take a year and I can’t recall but I am pretty sure it (the vhs) was housed in those extremely large plastic clam shell cases. I know that’s not much help but on my mother’s soul I saw that scene. It’s out there.

  5. I didn’t know there was a lost shot in The Reptile involving the snake bite and knife in the neck. I’ll have to watch the movie again to figure it out where it would be.

    I thought this movie was all set to be released on Blu-Ray the same time as The Plague of the Zombies. Should we expect a delay until the missing shot is found, or are the two movies still in the early stages of restoration?

    • The shot — which occurs after Harry is bitten, and Valerie has to dig out the poison with a knife while her husband sits at the kitchen table — almost certainly doesn’t still exist, though for completion we thought we’d try to find it anyway! It was cut by the UK censors at the time, but there are apparently no film materials for this title other than those at Pinewood, which is where we/StudioCanal restored the film.

      • Thanks for the reply. Even if you couldn’t find that shot, I’ll still be happy how both The Reptile and Plague of the Zombies will look great on Blu-Ray once it reaches the US.

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  7. Some mouthwatering titles on this list, especially THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE DEVIL RIDES OUT and THE MUMMY. I can’t wait to see those three in hi-def. Also excited about KRONOS and MONSTER FROM HELL.

    Have to admit, though, that I’m surprised you’re giving early priority to the likes of SLAVE GIRLS, THE VIKING QUEEN and THE VENGEANCE OF SHE. I’d imagine that none of them are particularly high on many Hammer fan’s ‘wants’ lists. I’d hate to see some poor sales jeopardising future releases…

    • While the choice of titles to restore is, of course, driven by a sense of which are the “classic” titles, we also have to consider on which titles we can expect a commercial return. With the growth in HD TV services, restoration is not just about home entertainment, and Hammer owns the three titles you mention for the world ex UK.

  8. Have been reading this blog with great interest. Refreshing to see the way you are interacting with the public on this project as there is clearly a huge amount of affection for Hammer around the world.
    I was wondering if there are any plans concerning titles already released on Blu-Ray but outside of the UK. I’m aware of these:
    The man who could cheat death (US region free but not restored in any way)
    Vampire circus (US region A and German region B releases)
    Vampire lovers (Australia region B but with serious picture and sound issues by all accounts)
    Twins of evil (US region A – for release in 2012)
    Hands of the ripper (US region A – for release in 2012)
    Countess Dracula (US region A – for release in 2012)
    Thanks for all the good work!

    • Also, I attended the Flicker Club screening of Dracula last weekend. Tremendous presentation all round. Great to have the intros from the Flicker Club, Hammer, and Kim Newman plus the reading by Janina Faye really set the tone. Great creepy location as well! Very interested to see the ‘lost’ footage. The first bit had a marked drop in picture quality but fine because the content really added to the scene. Looking forward to the Blu-Ray!

    • Hammer owns rights in none of the titles you mention, so releases other than the ones you list are out of our hands (though we often try to work with third-party distributors on extras). The Australian THE VAMPIRE LOVERS actually has a very good picture, though the sound certainly isn’t everything that it might be…

  9. I know in 2003 Simply Media released a DVD containing the missing ‘artery’ footage , although I am not 100 % sure if it contains the glassing sequence at the end of the movie. I will recheck it as I bought this at the time and it was the only way to see Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell virtually uncut. Regaridng this film Paramount and Avco Embassy were distributors – they might have something on full versions.

    • Thanks for that information! The materials we are scanning for FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL are Paramount’s, though as yet we haven’t reviewed their version. We definitely have the “artery-clamping” on a tape master (it’s in the DD edition). The German DVD from Anolis has a slightly extended “glass in throat” scene, but even this apparently is not the goriest version.

    how much of this “missing” footage is/is not included in the german DVD release from “anolis”? as it is, this german release seems to be the longest available version I know of.

  11. If you find materials for RASPUTIN, lok for BArbara Shelley’s suicide which they filmed but the censor had them take out.
    In regards to FATMFH, the US DVD is cut in several places per the MPAA’s request. A german DVD came out resotring everythign but 40 frames from the throat slashing. A later UK dvd was the US R version, but then it was replaced with a version as complete as the German version, still missing those 40 frames. The 40 frames are only found on the Japanese laserdisc and I believe a Dutch VHS. I have seeen the laserdisc and the transfer is atrocious, but maybe it coudl be useful to reclaim those frames.

    • That is top-notch information, John! Many thanks! There being two UK DVD versions makes total sense, as we cannot see any difference between the Anolis DVD and the DD Home Entertainment DVD. We will definitely try to source the Dutch Laserdisc and see if we can reclaim those frames as you suggest! Thanks again!

    • The Viking Queen is uncut on DVD as originally released. But there is some evidence both within the film itself, and through other extant still material, that an X rated version may have been prepared. Research is ongoing, but if anyone else knows of material it would be a great help!

  12. I don’t have any film, but I do have a lot of rare images in my collection which i’m sure would enhance any of your DVD’s or documentaries. I also have the colour shot of Barbara Shelley with her wrists cut with blood oozing out onto the floor!

  13. In New York in the Fall of 1986, Patrick Troughton told me that he definitely appeared in THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and had the stills to prove it. Unfortunately, Patrick passed away in March, 1987. My suspicion is that he was the operator of the charnel house where Peter Cushing buys the pair of eyballs. Although, the character’s face remains unseen, it did sound like Patrick Troughton’s voice. From what I recall from several interviews that appeared in Dick Klemsensen’s LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS, there were one or two scenes that were shot to appear early in the narrative, but they were cut. The characters from those scenes remained on the early cast lists that were published for the original release.

      • Troughton’s signed contract for his work on The Curse of Frankenstein is certainly in the Hammer archives, and you’ll see his name on the bonus materials with the special edition of The Hammer Vault.
        Might not help in finding missing material, but he absolutely did work on the film.

  14. HTV showings of Curse of Frankenstein back in the late 1980′s definately included the CU eyeball (if that is what you are referring to as the ‘eyeball scene’). I still have a VHS tape of it somewhere. Good luck with it all though.

  15. I have a copy of a Dutch VHS with the extended throat slashing (about 1s extra). Haven’t checked the other scene but that could be extended too.

    The Curse of Frankenstein eyeball footage I also have on VHS (taped off the BBC screening).

    • Thanks Tim. Great to know it exists! We’d need the Laserdisc to stand any chance of upscaling to HD so we can restore. It’s astounding how many people have THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN taped from the BBC and including the “eyeball” scene!

  16. I hope the blu-ray of “The Devil Rides Out” keeps the 5.1 soundtrack. It adds quite a bit of atmosphere without sounding blatant. It would be nice if a stereo track could be added (if feasible) to all the titles.

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  18. Yes, Patrick Troughton was one of several cast members who’s scenes appear to be cut from the final film. As far as I can tell, it is his arms as the bodysnatcher, and his voice, entrusting a package to Peter Cushing’s Frankenstein. Whether any of the cut scenes still exist is another question.

  19. Keep in mind that when MGM restored VAMPIRE LOVERS years ago they found the footage at Hammer. Hammer had it in their vault, and it was color separations ( ? ) they found that had the uncut stuff.
    Please be very dilligent about examining every scrap Hammer has available on these titles….they themselves were not aware of the VAMPIRE LOVERS footage. MGM paid to have the reels sent over and found it themselves. Some serious digging, time and money need to be spent in their archives.

      • Dear Hammer, Kirsten Betts’ decapitation is intact in the Melvyn Bragg 1993 London Weekend Television doco Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It also features Ingrid’s re-edited but intact staking and Valerie Van Ost’s unedited staking from Satanic Rites of Dracula. Some of these elements are now readily available, but at the time they were a revelation. Archive material came from (according to the credits) Warner, Aikman, BBC, Hammer, Columbia and Fabulous Films. The program’s director/producer was Daniel Wiles. SBS televion Australia may still have a copy in their vault…worth asking? Perhaps, just maybe I hit the record button that night…?
        “Beware the kiss that dies on your lips and stifles the scream in your throat!”

  20. hi, you need to contact the Ausralian Board of Film and Television Censorship – they have a policy of retaining all censored scenes from film and television imports in their libary as proof of their censorship activities. They won’t probably release to you the original material but will provide hd copies if asked nicely. Hope this is of help if you have not explored this avenue. Good luck.

  21. Hi. Back in September 1980 I was President of Brunel Film Society at Brunel University. Outside of the University Season we held film festivals for the UK wide film society enthusiasts. In 1980 it was on the subject of film censorship and was aptly named “Censorship, Sense or Sh*t”. James Ferman, the then secretary of the BBFC was our guest speaker and came alone with several cans on 35mm clips that had been cut. As we were a film society we were able to show these and it changed my view on censorship from negative to supportive. Clips shown were of an aboriginal man being flayed (film makers had apparently gone into the outback and genuinely done this), horses being driven off a cliff edge and someone having their tongue pulled out with tongs. Half the audience of hardened filmgoers left the theatre in horror. Might the tongue pulling be the Mummy scene that you are looking for? Another member of the audience might have a better memory of the day than me; the then secretary of the BFFS was present.

    • That may have been from the HG Lewis film called (I think) Feast of Blood. Interestingly, if you look at the BBFC database on their website it was passed uncut, unlike Curse of Frank and Dracula, indicating that it there were tongue cutting and topless girl scenes, they were removed before going to the BBFC for classification.

      • The tongue removal is likely to have been from Michael Armstrong’s Mark of the Devil rather than a Hammer film I am afraid (this was cut from both the cinema and VHS versions of the film).

  22. any chance of finding the original master tapes of the soundtrack from DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE? I’ve read that they have been lost or misplaced. I’d love to see the original score released on cd,
    hope that you come across them while searching for other film elements!

  23. Hi, will there be any restoration work on Frankenstein Created Woman and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed the look pretty good on Dvd and Im sure on BD they look fantastic.

      • Thank you,recently recieved previews of The Reptile and POTZ….stunning! Studio Canal have a done a fantastic restoration job on these two BD and the extras are superb.

  24. a very long shot would be to contact the person(s) who actually carried out the editing for hammer or their families if no longer alive to see if they retained some footage

  25. Dear Hammer,
    I have a Warner preview reel tape from the 1980′s in excellent condition in my possession that contanins a great black and white 15 second (looks like American television) promo for THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. The voice-over is Dick Tufeld. Fantastic! The tape also contains the English trailer for THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES.

  26. Not sure if you own the rights to ‘Shatter’ but I’d love to see an uncut UK release! Do the cut scenes from the dockyard exist?

  27. Dear HAMMER.. If you are also looking for material for DRACULA 58 blu ray extras, I have a photo of what could be the RAREST picture of Sir Christopher Lee as the count from that film.. Its a full head to waist portrait taken during a publicity stills shoot.. great PORTRAIT!! You can even see that the coat and vest was not a solid material but patterned. I thought I had seen them all (and believe my my searches went EVERYWHERE but I’ve never seen this one before.. If you’re interested I could send a Hi Def copy.. Thanks, Bill Lettang

  28. Re : “the tongue” scene from the Mummy – I have a hardbook book of horror movies from the 70′s / 80′s at home, and it has a couple of stills of when KHaris is getting his tongue cut out, the shots are from behing Kharis’ head but you quite clearly see tongs getting put towards his mouth, then there is another still of the tongue (with roots visible) being held away from his mouth.

    • Many thanks for this! We’ve seen those images too, which is one of the reasons why we think there may be extra footage out there. So far, we haven’t uncovered it though…

  29. Hi Hammer,

    No additional footage is known on Captain Kronos, however, there’s a HUGE problem with all current english language DVDs… they do not hold the true soundtrack by Laurie Johnson, but some sort of alternate soundtrack. Only the french DVD have the original soundtrack on the french dub. Contact me if you want to further inquire into this. The french dub clearly is a finished soundtrack, music wise, while the english soundtracks have different / less tracks, like they are from a rough music track.

  30. I am a successful film preservationist. I am posting some information from different site on a likely location of unedited Hammer material.
    Bottom line: The dye-transfer imbition matrices (for the original dye-transfer Technicolor process) of the original uncensored versions of Hammer films likely exist at Technicolor, London. These matirices can be printed in China (which purchased the equipment for the Technicolor dye-transfer process and have made prints for Martin Scorsese).
    Good luck to you.
    Bart Pierce

    Here is the post from the other site. We were discussing the discovery of the HORROR OF DRACULA footage:

    First and foremost I want to say thank you Simon. The meltdown sequence in HORROR OF DRACULA was the inspirational experience that inspired me to create a meltdown sequence for a film called EVIL DEAD back in 1980. Many thanks and all the best to you and your family.

    I just discovered this discussion thread tonight and could not stop until I read it all the way through. I thought I might be able to add to the discussion:

    Stephen Pickard wrote:

    It is common knowledge to most that Hammer submitted a script to the BBFC for review before proceeding to shoot anything to save money and time based on the film’s budget. Regardless of this Hammer took the risk and shot footage in the hope that they (Tony Hinds) could change their minds. Apparently, the footage was b/w which was submitted to the BBFC for review and they commented that they would need to see it in color before any final decision was made. Bill Lenny would have worked with color rush prints during the editing stage and the sound editors usually get a b/w ‘dupe’ to work with. This is usually the procedure on most films, not just low budget. For a film which anticipates problems with the BBFC, these problems are usually ironed out well before the fine-cut stage to avoid excessive time and expenditure during the post production stage which follows. As we know Tony Hinds pushed well beyond his limits to get his version og “DRACULA” into the theaters. To create three versions for three different countries, Bill Lenny or Jimmy Needs would have had to create three color work-prints, or assemble the longest first) for the reels in question, and these would be submitted to the negative cutters. The longer reels would be done first and then sent to Technicolor to have a set of printing matrices created. The negative cutters would have to re-conform the reels for the remaining two versions for the final two sets of matrices (which are used to make the ‘imbibition’ dye-transfer prints. The length of the original negative that would remain would probably conform to the shortest version (UK).
    I’m not saying this is a factual account to what happened, it is just a carefully written account based on my own experience in the business.
    Somewhere, there maybe lying around in a Japanese lab or a building which might house sets of matrices for Technicolor printing specifically for foreign countries. Apparently, I hear that a building in the UK houses many sets of printing matrices (for UK release) although there is little hope of them being used as the printing technology is all but obsolete.
    I hope, like all of us, that Warner Bros and Hammer can work something out so we can get to see the ultimate version of “DRACULA”.

    TomWeaver999 wrote:

    A few paragraphs (all in Greek … to me) from a CHFB lurker:

    << HORROR OF DRACULA was handled through Technicolor London. US prints were made dye-transfer imbition from matrices. English posters bill it as "Eastmancolour processed by Technicolor". Have never seen orig Brit prints but I would assume they would be dye-transfer — why would you make 2 inventories? The matricies were already made. Standard routine at the time would be for the cut camera negative to be without Main and End Titles. These were stored and printed as separate rolls (with their dedicated rolls of corresponding soundtrack) for each territory (UK, USA, France, Italy, Japan etc). If there were version differences or language inserts (diaries, shop signs) which were prepared in other languages, these too would be insert rolls, with identification like "Reel 4B – INSERT". The titles and inserts were then positive-assembled (spliced) into each print. And the same matrices could be used to print up for all territories, just printed with the soundtrack negative for the appropriate terrioroty. The negative would not even need to leave London, as printing matrices could be sent to Hollywood or to Rome to service their needs.

    If the censor in, say, Madrid dictated cutting the scene of Peter Cushing telling the little girl that she "looks like a teddy bear", well, that would just be deleted from the Spanish language prints sent to that territory. The Madrid print would wstill be made from the same matrix.

    So vastly different prints could be made using the same basic negative, and adding or subtracting as required. <


    If the information in Tom Weaver's post is correct (as opposed to Stephen Picard's) then there are Technicolor matrices that exist (maybe) and those matrices would (likely) match the longest version that was sent to Japan. If that is the case: The Technicolor technology to use these matrices is alive and well in China (you can ask Martin Scorsese about that. He has had Technicolor prints made there).

    It would not surprise me that these matrices were never looked at (I am also a professional in film restoration). Maybe we still have another source for these wonderful scenes that Simon has rediscovered.

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  33. Hello Hammer,
    surfing the net I found an italian poster of The Curse of Frankenstein which reported that the movie was in Technicolor:

    This poster dates back to a re-release of the movie made in 1970.
    I would like, with your permission, to search for this Technicolor print of COF.
    I already found the distributor of the movie in the 70s and 50s, and I wanted to ask them if they still have this print. If this print still exists, and if it is in Technicolor, it would mean that maybe there are still some matrices of the movie in Italy, maybe with some uncut scenes, as what happened for the Twins of Evil , Italy infact received an uncut copy that was shown on a local Italian television.
    Do you know if Hammer ever sent some uncut copies of their early movies in Italy ?
    I hope that you will give me your permission for this research.
    Kind regards

  34. Hi guys. Found out that love film instant had the monster from hell on there so I signed up. Watched it and found that the artery scene was in it and I’m sure the body falling into the grave was there to. Not sure weather the glass in throat scene was full so take a look.

  35. Hi hammer. Take a look at love film instant. The monster from hell is on there and I’m sure that all those scenes that are missing are on this version.

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