Hammer Blu-ray discs catalogued

Someone posted here suggesting a full list of Hammer Blu-ray releases from Hammer and all our partners. Anyway, here is such for English-Language territories. The catalogue codes are arbitrary and our own! For reviews, and to purchase, you know what to do… ;-) Let us know if we’ve missed any!

HM-BD-001 — PARANOIAC — Region Free (thanks Matthew Harrison for correction) – 2.35:1 — Eureka Entertainment (Universal) — July 2010

HM-BD-002 — VAMPIRE CIRCUS — Region A — 1.66:1 — Synapse Films (ITV) — December 2010

HM-BD-003 — THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH — Region Free (thanks Stuart Hall for correction) — 1.66:1 — Legend Films (Paramount Pictures) — May 2011

HM-BD-004 — THE VAMPIRE LOVERS — Region B — 1.85:1 — Shock Entertainment (MGM) — August 2011

HM-BD-005 — QUATERMASS AND THE PIT — Region B — 1.66:1 — StudioCanal — October 2011

HM-BD-006 — DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS — Region B — 2.35:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal CAT OPTBD 0634 — April 2012 (corrected pressing June 2012 CAT OPTBD 2472)

HM-BD-007 – THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES – Region B — 1.66:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal – June 2012

HM-BD-008 – THE REPTILE – Region B — 1.66:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal – June 2012

HM-BD-009 — TWINS OF EVIL — Region A — 1.66:1 — Synapse Films (ITV) – July 2012

HM-BD-010 — THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN — Region B — 1.37:1 — Hammer/Lionsgate/Icon — October 2012

HM-BD-011 — THE DEVIL RIDES OUT — Region B — 1.66:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal — October 2012

HM-BD-012 – THE MUMMY’S SHROUD – Region B — 1.66:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal — October 2012

HM-BD-013 – RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK – Region B — 2.35:1 — Hammer/StudioCanal — October 2012

HM-BD-014 — DRACULA — Region B — 1.66:1 — Hammer/Lionsgate/Icon — March 2013

54 thoughts on “Hammer Blu-ray discs catalogued

  1. Im a huge huge fan of both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in all their hammer films (i do hope The Abominable Snowman, all the frankenstein and dracular’s are released) Is it likely box sets will be produced for each actor? featuring all their hammer films? I would like to know now so i could either wait for box sets or just purchase them as they are released individually (thats more likely as i cant contain my excitement over the blu ray releases)


    • Hi Luke, you should definitely buy each Blu-ray as it’s released! There are complex rights issues with pulling-together all of an actor or character’s Hammer films into a boxset, so while the idea is hugely appealing (not least to us!) it is unlikely that this will ever happen.

  2. The Legend Films blu-ray of THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH is also region free (as is its Amicus co-feature, THE SKULL.)

    • Hi Rob, although THE VAMPIRE LOVERS is an Australian edition, you should be able to buy it from one of the Australian online retailers. It’s Region B, so should play in a UK/EU Blu-ray player.

      • The Australian release of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS is actually Region 0, but it still won’t play on most U.S. televisions because of the differences in herz, unless you can find a television capable of displaying things in both 50 and 60 megaherz.

  3. hi.. will the vampire circus blu ray that came out in the usa be getting a uk release? & were you guys involved with the usa bluray?

    • Good point Paul! Here — similarly catalogued — are the Eng Lang Blu-ray releases of Hammer’s third-millennium films:

      HM-BD-101 Let Me In – Region A – 2.40:1 – Anchor Bay Entertainment – February 2011
      HM-BD-102 Let Me In – Region B – 2.40:1 – Icon Film Distribution – March 2011
      HM-BD-103 The Resident – Region A – 2.35:1 – Image Entertainment – March 2011
      HM-BD-104 The Resident – Region B – 2.35:1 – Icon Home Entertainment – July 2011
      HM-BD-105 Wake Wood – Region A – 2.35:1 – Dark Sky Films – July 2011

  4. Hey there, would love to see “Nightmare” on DVD! The version I have on the “Hammer Horror Series” DVD is problematic at best, which is too bad, since I think this film is a great, underrated thriller, and has one of the creepiest opening scenes to any film! It’s also a gorgeously shot b&w film. I would love to see it as a separate disc! Those piercing screams heard in various parts of the film get under your skin!

    • “Nightmare” has been available on DVD as a discreet release from Koch Media in Germany for some time (perhaps not so easy to find with search engines as it uses the German title “Der Satan mit den langen Wimpern”).

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  6. Well, I’m one really excited Hammer fan, but as I have a PS3 to play my DVD’s on, I have no hope in hell of watching either Vampire Circus or The Vampire Lovers.

    I could cry…

  7. Hi

    I have bought the Australian release of the Vampire Lovers. it does work on a region B player. The picture is lovely but the sound is absolutely horrendous. It’s really tinny and has an echo to it. The music on it sounds even worse.

  8. I’ve read a review of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS BD and it’s not very positive, especially with the sound quality. Can anyone comment on the quality of the disc?

  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing these remastered titles but I was wondering. Are we likely to see any of the black & white movies restored? In particular, what about the first two Quatermass pictures?

  10. Can someone please contact William Lustig and tell him to re-release the numerous Hammer Films that he owns the U.S. rights to(such as LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES,SCARS OF DRACULA,FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN,THE DEVIL RIDES OUT,DRACULA:PRINCE OF DARKNESS,and TO THE DEVIL,A DAUGHTER),since a lot of people(that didn’t own DVD players back then)missed out on their original releases in the late 90s(on VHS video and early DVD) and are in deserving sheer need of seeing those Lustig-owned Hammer titles re-released to both DVD and Blu Ray.

  11. I’m completely lost after reading this. I thought Hammer were at the start of an ongoing process of restoring and releasing in blu ray? This all suggests that Hammer maybe don’t even have rights to all their films and some are already released on blu ray in other countries, presumably unrestored?

    I bought Dracula Prince of Darkness and thought it was a superb job, should I now go hunting down every Hammer blu ray I can find, or will “all things come to he who waits”? ;0)

    Thanks guys,


  12. Twins of Evil is being released on or about the 7th of October 2012 as a Region A/1 combo Blu-ray from Synapse.

  13. I don’t think it has been mentioned, but according to various forums, the US Synapse blu-ray of Vampire Circus, as well as generally being regarded as a bit dark, is also missing a line of dialogue. I quote from one of the forums:
    “When the boys are returned to their parents, Anthony Corlan brings them back.When the director cuts to the side view of the mother holding Corlan’s hand the missing line is: “I just don’t know how to thank you.” She then kisses Corlan, prompting her husband to get jealous and take her by the arm.
    The scene is present and the soundtrack intact on the UK Carlton (PAL) DVD at approximately 28 minutes in, appears at about 29 minutes on the US Synapse Blu-Ray / DVD. There is no cut footage, but the line of dialogue is not there; you can see the actress mouthing the words, then kiss Corlan.”

    Hope this is of use, and hope that any further releases correct the fault. Cheers.

  14. Both Rasputin the Mad Monk and The Mummy’s Shroud are being released by Studio Canal in September.

  15. Hi,
    Just watched the new DPoD blu-ray. I must commend you on a fine restoration job. The film never looked better. In fact, it’s so clear now, the castle looks more like a miniature model, more than ever before. That’s my only complaint :)
    Any word on when FMBD will be released on blu-ray, either in the UK or US?

  16. I can’t understand why people bother with the Region A ‘Vampire Circus’ when the Region B Koch media version is a perfectly good Bluray. It has english audio and is a great transfer

  17. Just started my Hammer Blu-ray collection with Quatermass and the Pit and The Woman in Black. Can anyone share what the next few releases from the back catalogue are?

    • Hi Paul, as part of our major restoration project we have released DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS, THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE in partnership with StudioCanal. Three more restored classics to come before the end of the year from the same partnership! Also we’re releasing one of our original Gothic classics through Icon before the end of the year — watch this space for further announcements! Alongside these releases, Synapse in the US are gradually releasing the Hammer/ITV (made by Hammer/Rank at Pinewood) film titles restored on Blu-ray (so far VAMPIRE CIRCUS with TWINS OF EVIL to come).

    • It just means that the blu-ray player is cabplae of player 3D discs, and that the receiver is cabplae of receiving BOTH the 3D picture and the audio via HDMI. Neither is necessary at the moment if you don’t have a 3DTV, but in the near future almost all TVs will have 3D options so its not bad to future proof your purchase.Also, you don’t technically need a 3D-cabplae receiver even if you have a 3DTV since you can still run an optical cable directly to any 3D receiver. But the optical cable compresses the audio slightly, where the HDMI audio is loss-less. Many people wouldn’t even notice the difference.

  18. Hey, long time fan of Hammer horror flicks here, Will any of these classics be coming to Canada/North America in general anytime soon?

  19. Hello nice Hammer people. Its great to see titles being restored on hd blu ray and so far Im impressed. So thanks. My question is have you any influence on those who own the rights that you dont in order for them to restore and release on blu. Im really hoping to see Brides of Dracula and kiss of the vampire on blu ray.

  20. You need to add The Brides of Dracula & The Evil of Frankenstein as they are both being released by Final Cut on 26th of August.

    Also The Vampire Lovers has been released by Shout Factory (April 30th) in the US & Synapse are releasing Hands of the Ripper on the 9th of July.

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