So here, finally, is a mini-update, specifically about the extras on the forthcoming StudioCanal UK release of THE MUMMY’S SHROUD.

Along with StudioCanal (and, in part, driven by clear passion for trailers from the fans!) we’ve assembled a great 15 min. trailer reel as an extra for this release, comprising:

THE MUMMY’S SHROUD US theatrical trailer unrestored
THE MUMMY’S SHROUD US theatrical trailer fully restored
RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK / THE REPTILE double-bill US theatrical trailer unrestored
THE DEVIL’S BRIDE US TV spot (b&w) unrestored
THE DEVIL’S BRIDE US theatrical trailer unrestored
THE DEVIL’S BRIDE US theatrical trailer fully restored

The October 22nd release also features:

Remembering David Buck (an original short documentary about one of the stars of THE MUMMY’S SHROUD)

The Beat Goes On: The Making of THE MUMMY’S SHROUD (an original 22 min. documentary)

and a 6 min. photo gallery!

THE MUMMY’S SHROUD Double-Play is released in the UK on October 22nd. Pre-order it now at Amazon.co.uk, HMV.com or Play.com!

62 thoughts on “HEY GALS! HEY GUYS!

        • For RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK (scanned 2k from a US I/P) and THE MUMMY’S SHROUD (scanned 2k from the original negative) we have used the US titles as they appear on the source material. For THE DEVIL RIDES OUT (scanned 4k from the original negative) we have removed the US main and end titles and painstakingly recreated their UK counterparts — including, of course, the UK film title THE DEVIL RIDES OUT instead of the US title THE DEVIL’S BRIDE — from both the US source and a badly-damaged UK print (and we think they look absolutely stunning!).

          • Hi Hammer,

            Shouldn’t ‘Rasputin’ and ‘The Mummys Shroud’ be scanned at 4k? I am thinking about future preservation for these films, some of which are not in the best of shape at the moment and scanning them at 4k would at least preserve them as best as possible. Also wouldn’t scanning them at 4k and restoring at 2k be a better quality option then scanning at 2k and restoring at 2k anyway?

            One last question, would ‘The Devils Bride’ title be available as an extra?

            Thank you


      • Pro and con. My VHS of Rasputin The Mad Monk (Castle Entertainment) has the original English release version titles, same as Lumiere’s VHS versions of The Reptile ,The Devil Rides Out & Frankenstein Created Woman (and no doubt The Plague of the Zombies- although I do not own that tape). Castle’s VHS of The Vengeance of She has the US titles. I suppose this means that come the release of Frankenstein Created Woman we will no doubt get the US version on Bluray due to “availability of materials”- ie: the American version. This opening title disappointment became evident for me from the Quatermass and the Pit release which omitted (painted out?) the words “Associated British Pathe Limited Presents A…” (because the black space is where the words should be) on the opening card, and incongruously presenting the words “Hammer Film Production”, leaving me to assume it was ‘restored’ from the US version, which of course reads “A Seven-Arts Hammer Film Production”. Therefore, is seems apparent that any of these films with a moving image behind the titles is going to be culled from the US version- end of story. Pro is that you have a restored version of the films, con is you have to accept that a degree of the hoopla is just that, hoopla. One more thing, I applaud the full frame decision for “The Curse of Frankenstein”. Why can’t we have all of these films (true widescreen formats aside) presented in a full frame option to preserve the ‘whole’ image? I have long thought ‘trimming’ these films top and bottom ammounts to vandalism regardless of all this aspect ration rubbish. There are those among us who would like to apprecicate all of the frame, in all the technicolor glory, just as the DOP photographed it. I am joyed and yet saddened by all of this at the same time.

      • I first saw The Mummy’s Shroud on TV in 1975 (at the age of 11). I didn’t see it again for many years and then it was the US release that was in circulation, on TV and DVD. I have a lingering memory from that first viewing of the head-crushing of Andre Morell at least being more explicit (maybe not visually but with the sound). It may just have been the impression it made on my young mind (or a change in the sound mix) but when I saw it again I felt something was missing – I remember a very audible ‘crack’ as the head is crushed, which seems to have been softened in the US version. Have any checks been made against the UK print? You see I virtually had to beg my parents to let me stay up and watch it and they sat there with me during the showing. All was going until the head-crushing scene, which they felt was a bit strong, but I still managed to see the whole film. This is nearly 40 years ago now, of course. The PG certificate awarded to the film in recent years makes me wonder if the US version was trimmed or altered in any way. Does anyone know? The UK cinema version was passed with cuts in 1967. Again, have these ever been reinstated?

        • I looked at my Momentum DVD of The Mummy’s Shroud the other day and it seems to have the UK credits so I may be wrong about the US version being the one in general circulation. It’s quite possible my memory is playing tricks on me with this one after all these years, unless the US version is any different to the UK one. I’m still surprised this got a PG for home video in the UK, it has reasonably strong scenes of horror in it and I’d expect a 12 at least normally…

          • The 2001 Momentum UK DVD of THE MUMMY’S SHROUD definitely has the US main and end titles. “A SEVEN ARTS-HAMMER FILM PRODUCTION” is the US company credit.

  1. Sounds interesting! I love watching trailers especially the ones by Hammer, which are as fun as watching the movies themselves. Maybe just like the US Anchor Bay DVD, you can release Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb on Blu-Ray with a special bonus disc containing a 1-2 hour reel of some of the best trailers in the studio’s horror library.

      • Thank you for your reply. I was in doubt because Amazon does not mention a DVD at all, concerning this release – only Blue-Ray.

        • Can you tell me if it is being released in a dvd case? Also is curse of frankenstein being released in a dvd case? Or will they both get a single release in a dvd at a latter date?

          • The double-play releases all are released in blu-ray cases – no dvd cased versions. They’re releasing these in one set for a few good reasons, such as cost-cutting (half as many covers have to be printed, for instance). Plus, should anyone end up having to buy a new player in the future, a bd player is more likely than not, and now you don’t have to re-buy it on bd cuz you’ve already got it. It’s a win-win, people need to understand that even if they don’t have plans currently to buy into blu-ray.

  2. Hi Hammer
    Thanks for the update. I’m really looking forward to all 4 October releases.

    Slightly unrelated but back in February I was at the Dracula screening at the Vault festival. There were some great postcards for the Blu-Rays of Dracula POD, Plague of the Zombies, and Reptile which I gleefully added to my Hammer collection. I haven’t seen them anywhere else, though. Not even on ebay! If you continue to produce these for future releases do you know where I might be likely to get my grubby mits on them?
    Many thanks and please keep up the great work!

      • Thought I’d already posted this but can’t see it anywhere. Must have been a dream! Anyway, Rasputin at Frightfest was excellent. Very enjoyable. Didn’t see any promo materials anywhere, though. Any chance they might appear elsewhere?

  3. That’s a good question’ Dave. I reckon I would had liked one of the pending titles released September, rather than bunched October.

  4. I’ve heard some worrying news on Amazon.co.uk that The Devil Rides Out will have added CGI effects with no option to watch the untampered original version. Surely not true?

  5. I am reading bad reviews of The Curse of Frankenstein saying that both the academy version and the Widescreen versions of the movie have been seriously botched. Say it ain’t so Hammer. I am really angry because I have just flogged my UK Warner original of the movie. If the rumours turn out to be true then I will be buying the same DVD version again, and I won’t be pre-ordering a single other Hammer re-release until I am sure it is spot on. It appears that Icon entertainmentshould leave the DVD business and branch out into butchery!!! If this stuff is true and isn’t addressed then the guilty parties may be making a big mistake

  6. There is definitely a problem with the audio encoding on RASPUTIN. I’ve compared it to the Anchor Bay disc, which sounds full and bassy, exactly as your youtube clip does. On the Blu-ray, however, the Fox fanfare and Main Titles sound tinny and faint, as if played on a radio in another room. This problem afflicts the whole film, most noticeably during musical moments.

    The review on Cathode Ray Tube mentions this “tinny” sound but syas it settles down as the film goes on. I’m inclined to believe this is simply the reviewer getting used to the sound. Any kind of comparison to the AB disc at any point illustrates how botched the soundtrack is here.

    It may be that this is a bad batch or a compatibility issue but I’m having the same problem on a PS3 and a Panasonic standalone. Audio on THE MUMMY’S SHROUD – also Dual Mono PCM – is fine. Can you please investigate this and make some kind of statement?

    It’s a real shame because otherwise RASPUTIN is a terrific release.

  7. Might watch the “the Mummy’s Shroud” later. Excited about the enhancements on “The Devil Rides Out” but maybe that’s just me? Though really should had been a option to watch. Puzzling decision?
    Anyhow fab that we have been treated to a glut of Hammer films, though my wallet would appreciate future releases being more evenly released across the months. LOL Thank you again’ Hammer.

  8. I noticed on the Rasputin BD that the sound on the main feature is quite low and lacks fullness compared to the audio on the Optimum DVD from the Ultimate Hammer Collection. Compare the score on the opening titles between the two discs and you’ll see what I mean. The score is very thin on the BD presentation. A number of other viewers have raised this point too. Is this a potential audio problem, an error in the mix perhaps, that has gone unchecked?

  9. OK. A number of other customers have definitely noticed something awry with the sound on Rasputin. You were quick to resolve the problems on Dracula Prince of Darkness so could we get a point of view from Hammer please as the sound is definitely lacking on the new BD release.

  10. Watched “Rasputin” and absolutely brilliant. Loved the widescreen presentation. Have no problems whatsoever with the release. Thank you again’ Hammer. The supporting features are also just fantastic. It’s so cool to see this collection building on the shelf.

  11. Sounds fine to me. Mind you I am partially deaf. :-D Actually loving the recent releases’ can’t find anything to fault. Don’t they look just grand on the shelf. Loving the cover designs. Still digesting these releases, but wondering will we hear before the end of the year, what releases follow “Dracula” in the new year?

  12. Hammer are you following this thread as DMwalker posted?

    Yes there can be no debate on this. This has been authored wrong and has a serious problem. FWIW I work in audio and run a studio, this sounds like it was running through a high pass filter with eveything below 500-750k sharpley rolled off. This is an error, there is no other explanation. Please issue a recall or replacment like we recieved with DPOD. Picture is stunning and again THANK YOU for attempting to get these titles out.
    A word of advice, watch the disc before you pay the authoring company and have them shipped. It would save you an enormous amount of time and aggravation…

  13. Has a release date for Dracula been set yet? It would be nice with some more informations about this release, like which bonus items will there be.

  14. We’re hungry’ aren’t we!? Hammer have just given us 4 brilliant titles to digest and we’re already talking about next year!

  15. hello folks.. just listened to the soundcloud audio clips from RASPUTIN and there IS a quality issue with the soundttrack.. as many have noticed… very thin. I don’t want to think HAMMER did a great job on the visual side but botched the audio..Mr.Hodson is going to have a field day if this isn’t corrected.

  16. There is absolutely something wrong with the Rasputin soundtrack,either from the source material or in the encoding. The bass has been removed entirely to the point where it sounds little better than a transistor radio from the 60′s or to the leakage from someone’s cheap earbuds. I just popped on the Anolis DVD version and the sound is properly rich and immediate. (Interestingly the German version has entirely different title music.) On the plus side, the PQ has never been better and the inclusion of the 2.55 version as well at full HD is a good addition. However, the sound is quite distracting. I do hope that a replacement version is to be announced.

  17. The Rasputin audio is absolutely terrible. This surely must be investigated. Switching between the 2 included tracks, the commentary features majorly improved audio. It’s most telling during the moments when the participants are not speaking. Please advise Hammer!

    • Although we don’t agree that it’s “terrible”, there is a reasonable explanation as to why the audio on the new StudioCanal UK release sounds different from that of previous releases. The current release has sound which has been restored directly from the original mono audio on an original 35mm optical element (as with many Hammer titles, the original M&E masters no longer exist). The audio was in very bad shape, but comprehensively restored. Sadly the removal of a very high level of hiss throughout meant an extensive EQ pass. This pass made the dialogue much more audible and drastically reduced the levels of hiss, but also by necessity affected the range of the audio. After the EQ pass, the ticks, crackle, pops and scratches were almost completely removed. The options for this particular release of the film were to leave the artefacts on the soundtrack (which really would have made it sound “terrible”) or restore the audio but thereby affect the range. We are 100% happy that we made the correct decision in this case and hope the restored audio doesn’t impact your appreciation of the overall presentation.

      • I’m not even sure what to say about this. I cannot imagine the technology does not exist to do this better. I find it baffling, but I suppose it is what it is and there will be no way to address it further from this point on. Great image quality, poor audio.

        I asked this on FB, I think, but I’ll ask it here too. Were there thoughts about digitally manipulating the image for RASPUTIN to adjust the distortion to normal image quailty? Something along the lines of how the Cinerama releases have been adjusted (without the Smilebox effect – stretching the sides gradually to adjust to normal image quality).

      • Thank you for responding but I don’t get how removing a level of “hiss” means dispensing with the lower register of sound. Apart from that, the sound on the old Anchor Bay disc wasn’t afflicted by lots of damage anyway. Why does your own youtube link sound so much better than the Blu-ray?

        I’ve bought all your releases so far and I’ve tried to maintain a positive disposition throughout all the various controversies. But this decision and the decision to only include the “enhanced” version of THE DEVIL RIDES OUT are incomprehensible to me. The soundtrack to RASPUTIN IS terrible and it DOES impact my appreciation of the overall presentation. I’m truly sorry to say that, at the very least, I will no longer be pre-ordering any of your releases.

      • Hi Hammer,

        While I would agree that the sound on Rasputin isn’t terrible. It is however not very good. Especially when it is compared to the DVD, which is a whole lot better. Since the last DVD was released by Studio Canal as well it should have been very easy just to port the audio over onto the blu ray release. For a title this old I don’t think hi def audio would have made much difference and standard DVD sound on the blu ray would have been fine, it would certainly have been an improvement from what was on the blu ray anyway.
        The picture quality I have to say is excellent and thank you for releasing both ratios.
        While I am here, I like the cgi enhancements to The Devil Rides Out and the picture and sound was great. However I think it was a big mistake not to include the original version or even acknowledge the fact that it had been altered anywhere on the packaging.



  18. Thank you’ Hammer for a great series so far. I’m thinking of retiring from these forums as the negativity is getting to me. Currently in an argument with someone as he has the audacity to call you idiots. The ingrate. Stated his problem isn’t the lack of option with TDRO, but (wait for it) the tampering.Oh’ the blasphemy. To people like him, it’s not a matter of opinion, but you’re wrong and I’m right’ attitude. I like a debate as much as the next person, but there’s an ever increasing minority on the forums, that just want to tear down? I’m also heavily into my “Doctor Who” and have never seen the ungratefulness from the fan base that I have seen with these releases. Personally “hammer” kudos to you for keeping a open communication with your audience. So respectful as well. Take care and all the best for future endeavors. P.S. Don’t wait too long to get around to “Frankenstein Created Woman” a favorite of mine.
    Bye, Bye. :-(

  19. This is not making any sense. If obviously better audio exist then why are Studio Canal/Hammer not getting it and using it? Call Anchor Bay or Bill Lustig (who I think owns the rights in the US) and ask them for the better audio track. Otherwise someone is going to have to transfer the blu-ray to Adobe Pemier or Final Cut and re-insert the aduio from the ahcor Disc which can be done.

    FWIW I ordered every one of the Hammer Blu-rays in the last release group and Amazon is refunding the Rasputin disc due to 95% the reviews noting this issue. They at least acknowledge there is something clearly wrong.

    Speaking as recording studio owner for last 20yrs, you can in fact remove hiss without scooping out everything from the mids down. I work with tape and digital recording mediums on a daily basis, I’m sorry your explanation (Hammer) does not buy it. Dolby has had noise reduction applications for tape hiss for over 30 plus years and with audio editing software like Cubase or Pro-tools you can remove pops etc.

  20. Rasputin was one of my all time fave Hammer films. As always, Lee was brilliant in the role.

    I am a published horror writer and love blogging about Hammer films, so if you would like to get in touch with me, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

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