Call for THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN script for Blu-ray release

We’d love to put THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN script as a PDF on the forthcoming Blu-ray/DVD release as mentioned, but sadly we haven’t managed to track it down. The one we thought we had a line on has gone (like so much of Hammer’s history over the years) to a private collector. If anyone can let us scan their copy of THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN shooting script (or any of Jimmy Sangster’s drafts) we’ll be exceptionally grateful. Please email us at Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Call for THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN script for Blu-ray release

  1. Just received a notification from “a leading online retailer” about the shooting script, and exclusive documentary. Just wondered about the new and exclusive Ted Newsom documentary (if it’s exclusive, why were you unable to use it?). As for the script, exclusive to that private collector, well I would be shocked if an item of such 20th century cultural significance was not traceable, regardless of ownership. Is it not possible to borrow the script, pay the proud owner an agreed fee, pay insurance costs etc. and increase the price of the product? With included Blu-ray and DVD, there isn’t anyone looking at this site that isn’t going to buy it at once! Will that script stay behind a glass case (or more likely a vault) and will that documentary ever see the light of day (candlesticks at the ready)? In the 1970s and 80s, Pioneering U.S. Audiophile record label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) were granted a licence to borrow all the original album mastertapes of, um, THE BEATLES (two at a time, in lead-lined boxes – I said boxes not coffins) from Abbey Road Studios and fly them to the States! They had previously been loaned the masters to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” when a tiny, fledgling outfit. It put them – and audiophile remastering – on the map. I bet Hammer has more available funds than MFSL had at the time. I’m so sorry this sounds like a complaint, I’ve been up all night [Woohoohahaaa!], and I’m still buying!

    • Hi Duncan, please see our reply below re. The Tale of Tales… Sadly, private collectors as a rule are notoriously unwilling to lend their materials (though there are a couple of notable exceptions and we thank them!) and we just couldn’t source a script in time for this release. If anyone ever does offer us one to photograph/scan, we will post it online. Thanks for your support!

  2. I have been looking for a copy of this script for decades… finally contacted the head of Britain’s largest Hammer web club, and he emailed me that – even while he had a number of the Hammer Studios scripts, he had never, ever, come across this one.

    I sincerely hope that at sometime – someone contacts you with a copy of it. I would LOVE to get a xerox copy & would pay for it. This is my favorite Hammer movie.

    Has anyone ever contacted the family members of Jimmy Sangster, or Peter Cushing, or Terrance Fisher to see if they might have one of the original CURSE scripts? I would think that if anyone ever kept one, these people would have – and perhaps their children or grandchildren may have it and not know that there are many out there who would greatly love to see a copy.

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